Ask any of her staff and they will tell you that Ghida Anani is a
mission-driven social entrepreneur, a strategic thinker, and a leader
who knows how to encourage and challenge her team. Beyond her network of
supporters, however, Anani is often the subject of controversy. She is
the founder of the Beirut-based ABAAD Resource for Gender Equality.

ABAAD’s mission is to foster gender equality through policy
development, legal reform, gender mainstreaming, engaging men,
eliminating discrimination, and advancing and empowering women to
participate effectively and fully in their communities. In a society
challenged by conflict, religious fanaticism, a volatile economy, and a
ballooning Syrian refugee crisis, this is a hard-fought battle. But
Anani, known to be a force of nature and courageously bold when it comes
to making change, is up to the task. She believes that lasting
transformation must happen at all levels of society and she is not
afraid to challenge silo mentalities by bringing together religious and
community leaders who hold opposing viewpoints and who traditionally do
not interact with one another.

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Photo of Ghida Anani – Copyright Habib Abboud