During the month of December until May, Radio NISAA FM aired a
weekly show called Key to Judiciary (Miftah Al Qada).  NISAA FM’s presenter Raya Hamdam and
co-presenter, lawyer Ahlam Daraghmeh discussed, debated and engaged listeners
across the Palestinian Territories on how the law responded to a number of
topics – the Sharia Law, Alimony, dowry, divorce, nursing, child custody and
khul (when a woman asks for divorce). The women presenters also invited two
other lawyers Amal Isawi and Imad al-Agha. 

The Key to Judiciary program was a success. 100% of the listeners
believed that the show was of benefit to women and more than half of them, 68%
of the listeners, affirmed that the show increased their awareness regarding
legal rights that benefited women.

The Womanity Foundation created a program dedicated to giving women
and girls a voice in society; Radio Nisaa is one of its achievements. Nisaa FM
is the first women- run radio station in the Middle East. The station is
dedicated to giving women and girls a voice in society and creating employment
and training opportunities for women in media in the region.


NISAA FM Presenter 

Raya Hamdam


Raya Hamdam (presenter), 

Ahlam Daraghmeh (lawyer, co-presenter), 

Amal Isawi (lawyer)


Imad al-Agha (lawyer)