This Robotic Spider Dress Will Attack Anyone Who Comes At You Wrong

Perfect for being in public at any time!

“If you want a dress that makes people stay the eff out of your personal space on the subway, fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht has the perfect holiday gift for you.

The Spider Dress was 3D printed and runs on Intel Edison, using sensors to detect when and how someone invades your personal space. If the dress doesn’t dig their approach, its animatronic spider limbs will morph into attack positions.”

Read the full piece and watch the video here

We recently covered the dress that expands to fill up space when creeps try to get in your space. This takes it up a level!

Please note: Before anyone writes in with, “that’s not going to stop harassment / rape / etc.”, let me say – I know! This is more of a feminist performance art / fashion statement, which I dig. Certainly a conversation starter. Or ender.

Great point added by heroicallyvillainous – I agree 100%! 
“It’s so sad that we’ve been reduced to creating spider dresses to keep men off of us. I’m working towards a day when women won’t have to take precautions in order to not be harassed; men will simply learn NOT to harass.”