In 2015, the
Womanity Foundation turns ten. Yann Borgstedt, Founder and President explains
how everyone can play a part in the empowerment of women and girls.

“This year we
celebrate a decade of passionate, creative and innovative work; ten years of
learning, exploring and growing; and, most of all, we pay tribute to our
numerous enriching collaborations.

partnerships have helped us to reach hundreds of thousands of women, girls, men
and boys to further gender equality and women’s empowerment in Afghanistan,
Brazil, Haiti, India, Israel, Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon and across the Middle

Moreover, our
willingness to take risks in incubating new ideas, and our ability to act on what we learn
from our research have been key drivers of our success.

As I consider
the next decade for Womanity I foresee programs that further push the
boundaries for women’s empowerment, collaborations with visionaries, activists
and innovators at the grassroots, in policymaking and in business. By working
cohesively and creatively, we can truly and sustainably help women to realize
their aspirations and reach their full potential in society.

Today, you can
join us in our community of innovators and social actors by making a personal pledge for women’s
empowerment. Through the course of the summer, we will publish all pledges on a
virtual Pledge Wall at
to voice our combined commitment to a fairer, safer and more equitable world
for women and girls.

You can

Action by taking part in an activity to further
women’s empowerment (e.g. creating
a useful connection, contributing to a campaign, etc.);

Expertise to lend support to an organization or
individual working for women and
girl’s rights (e.g. to mentor, advise, provide pro-bono support etc.).

Funds by donating funds towards Womanity’s
pioneering work with women and

As for me, I
humbly pledge to continue investing time and resources to keep developing
innovative models to give women and girls the same chances that men and boys
are given

You can email pledges to and
use #pledgeyourwomanity to celebrate your pledge on social media and be part of
a movement that will see more action in support of empowering girls and women to thrive.”

Training women construction workers in Brazil

with WomenChangeMakers’ Mulheres em Construção.