What we’ve demonstrated is that girls and women have the potential to contribute positively to their society, even if it means taking another path than their mothers, aunts and sisters. We allow them to dream of being more than what they see around themselves.

As an entrepreneur, I believe in measuring the return on investment, and no matter what we do, I always ask my staff: “How will we measure that what we do has an impact, that the dollar we spend could not be spent in a different, more effective way?”. Of course, sometimes there are intangibles that are very valuable.  How do you measure the effects of giving people the ability to dream, to become what they thought they could never be?

Nonetheless, there are clearly demonstrable and quantifiable returns on investments made in girls and women’s advancement and emancipation. The case I’m building here, is that we all win if we invest in girls and women as it creates wealthier and healthier societies.

Unfortunately, the action is still lagging, and in particular from men, who can play a strong role to allow women to advance.