(…) I am calling on all the men (…), to invest in girls and women: give them an education, train them professionally, give them the opportunity to progress in their careers, allow them to express themselves and to lead. Don’t tolerate their oppression and the violence they have to endure. Embrace women’s emancipation, for their sake and for yours.

Not only because your wives, mothers, sisters and daughters deserve to dream and to thrive, but also because you’re smart and you want to live in a society that is more prosperous and stable. I believe I have demonstrated to you that by empowering women you’re not only giving them more chances, but you’re actually creating a better future for yourself and your kids. 

Until that day arrives, I will fight to create a world where women are given the same chances that I was given, whether it is by giving them education, a voice in society or protection from violence. For me this means that girls and women are able to dream like boys and men.